UK-Tanzania Mining Partnership: A Milestone in Gemmology Education and Trade

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The United Kingdom and the Republic of Tanzania held a joint business mission this week. The mission aims to promote trade and investment opportunities between the UK and Tanzania and focuses on key sectors, including energy, infrastructure, tourism, health, agriculture, and mining.

So What Happened After the Mining Discussions?

In a testament to his dedication and expertise, Minister of Minerals, Honorable Anthony Peter Mavunde (MP), has commended Honorable Mbelwa Kairuki, Tanzania’s High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, for his invaluable contributions to the advancement of Tanzania’s mining sector.

This has come after the announcement made yesterday that the Tanzania Gemmological Centre (TGC) expects to establish cooperation with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GEM -A) during the visit of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mineral, Mr Kheri Mahimbali, at the GEM-A.

Lauding High Commissioner Kairuki’s efforts in promoting Tanzania’s mineral wealth and positioning the country as a key player in the global mining industry, Mavunde underscored the significance of his contributions.

So, yesterday, Hon. Kairuki and Hon. Mahimbali discussed this with Alan Hart, the chief executive officer of Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain). These discussions centred on establishing a groundbreaking partnership between Gem-A and Tanzania’s Gemmological Centre (TGC). This strategic collaboration aligns perfectly with the objectives outlined in the Tanzanian Mineral Policy 2009, section 5.7, which envisions Tanzania as the preeminent gemstone hub of Africa.

To facilitate, support and promote increased participation of Tanzanians in gemstone mining“. The Tanzanian Mineral Policy 2009, section 5.7

This pioneering partnership marks a significant milestone for both Gem-A and TGC. For Gem-A, it represents their first educational alliance in Africa, expanding their global reach and impact. For TGC, it opens doors to offering specialized gemmological courses, attracting students from around the globe to the vibrant city of Arusha. This initiative will undoubtedly elevate TGC’s position as a centre of gemmological excellence in Africa.

The establishment of this partnership extends beyond academic pursuits; it also fosters more robust ties between TGC students and Gem-A. By becoming part of the Gem-A family, TGC students gain access to a vast network of gemmological professionals, opening up opportunities for professional growth and networking.

The Ministry of Minerals remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships that drive sustainable development within Tanzania’s mining sector. Recognizing the value of international cooperation, the Ministry aims to leverage expertise and resources from international partners to propel the sector forward, ensuring its continued growth and contribution to Tanzania’s economic prosperity.

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