Circle of Life: It’s When Wishes, Dreams, and Reality Don’t Fit Optimal Forever

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Life is not about wishes, desires, ambitions or dreams. It is all about process. Whatever wishes, desires, ambitions or dreams are, the process will determine what a person acquires when the right time comes per destiny. Wishes, desires, ambitions, dreams are catalysts or power banks that may speed up the process or keep an individual’s efforts alive in terms of struggle and misfortunes until the phase of success accumulation and relaxation arrives.

Wishes, desires, ambitions, or dreams are catalysts of life. They are as important as their harm. Catalysts must be under their limits, following the efforts in the right way. The higher the catalysts, the higher the efforts. The higher catalysts without satisfactory efforts trigger vicious actions. Something to remember is that the impact of positive and negative actions is to shape an individual into a comfortable version.

The above illustrations of a tree carry a significant meaning of what life is. By studying it, the process that looks like a circle in shape wires the understanding of life as a process in a circle-like shape. The first picture shows a tree full of green leaves (optimal life), the second picture shows sides of green leaves and the shed one (unsatisfactory life), and the last picture shows the full shed tree (life in pieces).

Trees shed their leaves and flowers each autumn and fall season. Leaves and flowers grow in the spring when the weather becomes warmer (optimal life). The process goes around throughout the years.

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Trees shed their leaves and flowers to protect themselves from the consequences of cold in winter. Shedding leaves are the mechanism that trees use to adapt to weather changes. It is not their wishes, desires, ambitions, or dreams to shed leaves and flowers that make them look beautiful and impressive; their wishes are to live true life as a reason for shedding leaves and flowers. What is your mechanism for responding to life circumstances?

The third picture of a tree looks as if the tree is taking a last breath (life in pieces); when the spring season knocks on the door, leaves and flowers grow back to make the tree green again. Leaves and flowers are the same as the previous ones, but the fact is, they are new and came to fulfil the purposes of their creation. Positively, what goes around comes around; the vice versa is true.

Measuring the value and importance of leaves that shed off during autumn and leaves that grow back during spring is convergence. The main purpose is to shape and make the trees healthier so they can survive the change of weather and seasons that trigger some environmental adjustments that may threaten trees. The illustrations above have an internal affiliation with the essence of this article.

Human life initiates from childhood when children are unable to do anything on their own, to adulthood, when a grown-up child becomes independent. An adult becomes older, the process replicates a person becomes dependent again, the circle of human life.

As a child grows involuntarily, abandons several behaviours, advances in mental and physiological features, foods replace breastfeeding, crawling to walk by two limbs, cooing to sentences. All these chains of growth carry the purpose of its course. Abandoning each step of growth resembles the falling and rising seasons of trees; as something falls, the other rises to fulfil the purpose of human existence.

With each step a human makes, there are rises (optimal life) and falls (unsatisfactorily and life in pieces) of something important that needs an individual to choose a good way to balance the situation. The situation may carry frustrations or success; embracing the wisdom of decision-making is essential for creating a mutual relationship between life and its contents. The contents are happiness and sadness. Catalysts hold a special place in our lives, but they should not control our actions.

Human life is full of falling (misfortunes) and rising (fortunes). Living a true and free is the focus of decision-making; is in a process that looks like a circle in shape: a mutual relationship between an individual’s life and its contents is the sole source of true and free life. Trees shed their leaves and flowers responding to weather changes and their harm (life and its content). There is a time when green leaves and flowers grow back into the trees (mutual relationship between life and its content).

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Yesterday, you were embarrassed because you failed to pronounce an English word correctly (sadness), but today, you speak more fluent English than ever (happiness). If a person discriminates sadness for happiness, the pain of failure will heal slowly and for a long time, causing huge damage.

Sometimes, a person loses everything in life: no friends, no family or relatives, no support, no money. It is like everything stopped working accordingly. This stage is what I call life in pieces; it is like a fantasy of rejection. An individual has no control over his or her own life but does not mark the end of life; a person must pass through this period of taste to attain the purpose of his or her creation. Be patient and choose wisely for the new beginning to another step of life.

Living a true and free life is accepting the ‘whom’ and ‘what’ an individual is; technically, this is an optimal style. Living an optimal life does not imply material possession or success but what it takes to reach success or material possession. It requires the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions, act, and say the right things.

In conclusion, human lifestyle is not in pieces or optimal forever; sometimes, a human being needs a whole but gets half of it, and sometimes, a human wants to build an expensive house but ends up with a normal house. What you want is not what you get; it is not an impoverished life but an unsatisfactory one. Illustrations of trees are concrete examples of what human life is. The best mechanism to prevail in each step is the skills and knowledge to make the right decision, take the right actions and say the right things.

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