Twiga Minerals: Transforming Tanzania’s Mining Industry through Government Partnership

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The Tanzanian mining industry has seen significant changes, one of the most notable being the joint venture between the Tanzanian government and Barrick Gold Corporation. This partnership, known as Twiga Minerals, has been transformative for the industry and has set new standards for mining operations in the country.

Twiga has a 50:50 economic benefits-sharing partnership, which also vested a 16% shareholding in each mine with the government. Since its establishment, Twiga has invested more than $12.5 million in landmark projects to provide access to quality healthcare, educational facilities, potable water, and alternative sources of income. Among these is an irrigation system expected to improve production for 2,356 farmers substantially. 

The joint venture was established following a long-standing dispute between the Tanzanian government and Acacia Mining, a subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corporation. The debate was resolved in 2019 when Barrick agreed to pay $300 million to the Tanzanian government and share equal benefits from the mining operations. This marked a significant shift in the Tanzanian mining industry, with the government taking a more active role in the sector. 

The establishment of Twiga Minerals has had several impacts on the Tanzanian mining industry. Firstly, it has set a precedent for government involvement in mining operations. The Tanzanian government now holds a 16% free carry interest in the mining assets and receives half the economic benefits from the mines.

This model could be replicated in other mining operations in the country, leading to increased government revenue from the sector. Tanzania is rich in critical mineral deposits, essential components in manufacturing electric vehicles, renewable energy infrastructure, and other clean technologies. 

Secondly, the joint venture has increased transparency in the mining sector. Tanzania is home to significant deposits of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and rare earth elements, the minerals which are in high demand as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy

This makes the positioning of the government in this sector just right. The direct benefits the government earns from this collaboration only set the country ahead in the industry, ensuring the government is involved in primary operations and decisions.

As part of the agreement, Barrick committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance in Twiga Minerals. This includes regular audits and publishing financial and operational reports accessible to the public. 

Finally, the joint venture has positively impacted local communities as the government partnership is there to ensure the interests of the communities are in consideration. As part of their corporate social responsibility, Twiga Minerals has invested in community development projects surrounding the mines. This includes infrastructure development, education initiatives, and health programs.

The joint venture between the Tanzanian government and Barrick Gold Corporation has transformed the Tanzanian mining industry. It has set new government involvement, corporate governance, and community development standards. As the partnership continues, it will be interesting to see how it influences the future of mining in Tanzania.

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