Tanzania Forging Partnerships with Global Mining Giants, A Watershed Moment in Mining Sector


British International Investment (BII) during the meeting with the Ministry of Minerals.

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Tanzania marked a watershed moment in the mining journey, as we had the privilege of engaging with the esteemed leadership of The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited  (BHP) and Lifezone Metals, global mining giants.

This encounter holds immense significance for the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania as we forge a partnership with these industry leaders through our subsidiary company, Tembo Nickel, to construct a groundbreaking refinery in Africa.

This state-of-the-art multi-metal processing facility will refine critical minerals from countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. The Ministry of Minerals applauds the enthusiastic response demonstrated by UK investors and pledges to reiterate the same with a collaborative environment for the mutual benefit of our Nations.

We extend our most profound appreciation to the Tanzania Diaspora for their dedication and invaluable insights. We will embrace their views and suggestions and encourage more engagement from them.

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Our visit has yielded valuable takeaways, prompting us to address critical aspects that will enhance investor engagement:

  1. Empowering Miners with Compelling Business Information: We recognise the paramount importance of miners possessing compelling business information to attract investments. To address this, we will collaborate with prominent Tanzanian consulting firms to develop a project pipeline with a detailed Investment Deck which will attract investment decisions;
  2. Streamlining Sector Statistics and Data Coordination: We acknowledge the urgent need for enhanced coordination of national statistics related to the sector. To address this, we will implement robust data management practices and provide access to key stakeholders;
  3. Elevating Ministry Officials’ Skills and Knowledge: We recognise the importance of equipping our team with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet global standards. To address this, Tanzania will implement an apprenticeship program that intends to provide industrial Linkage with relevant skills required to date. This program will cater to our officers and selected students at universities nationwide.

To facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between the Ministry of Minerals and investors, we will appoint a Dedicated Officer to sit within the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) for quick response and facilitation on issues related to the sector. This dedicated officer will serve as a bridge between the ministry and investors, ensuring that inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

It is worth noting that in 2022, the mining sector witnessed an impressive growth of 10.9%, contributing 9.1% to the GDP and constituting an impressive 56% of all foreign exchange in the country. These figures underscore the sector’s pivotal role in Tanzania’s economic growth and development.

Achieving our ambitious goals necessitates the active participation of public and private stakeholders, local and foreign. We wholeheartedly welcome input and advice to fortify this sector, underscoring that success is a collective endeavour.

As the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Minerals, I am responsible for overseeing the implementation of policies, strategies, and programs that promote the sustainable development of the mineral sector in Tanzania. I have a master's degree in oil and gas enterprise management from the University of Aberdeen, and a bachelor's degree in business and management from De Montfort University. With experience in the energy and tobacco industries, I have developed strong skills in logistics management, supply chain management, and integrated supply chain management. I have also led and supported multiple projects and initiatives that enhanced the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of procurement processes and systems. My core competencies include strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, policy analysis, and leadership. I am passionate about fostering collaboration and innovation in the mineral sector, and contributing to the national vision of industrialization and economic transformation.

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