Debating COVID-19 Vaccination Toxicity: Perspectives and Controversies

Image: World Health Organization

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Some scientists in Western countries have been doing the calculus and have concluded that for every 800 COVID-19 vaccination jabs, at least one person has died because of its toxicity. This discourse looks at the arguments between two sides, anti-vaxxers and vaccination proponents, who claim lives have been saved.

Could both sides of the aisles be touching different parts of an elephant: one perceives an elephant was a tree because he had touched the foot. The other thought an elephant was a snake because he had touched a tail.

From the study of Denis Rancourt, a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, others claim that at least 17 million COVID-19-vaccinated individuals have died as a result of the spikes in the blood generated by the toxicity from the vaccination. This claim gained traction in social media such as Facebook, X, and Instagram, among others, in September 2023. Denis Rancourt is a controversial academic figure who needs to be demystified to understand what is at stake.

Rancourt is a notorious COVID-19 denier and, together with others, has been at the forefront, pouring ominous aspersions against efforts to vaccinate people as a major preventive means to that global pandemic. Professor Rancourt was dismissed from the University of Ottawa because he was straying from college syllabuses and had awarded 23 students grades A+ in suspicious circumstances.

His brawls with his employers began in 2005 for what his superiors labelled “academic squatting”, implying veering from teaching how science affects people’s lives as the syllabus instructs to teaching science related to more excellent unknown power structures. In 2008, a labour law arbitrator sided with him against his employers by deciding that teaching science laced with social activism was protected by academic freedom. However, at the end of the same year, his employers kicked him out of his teaching career and disagreed that 23 students of his class could all earn the grade A+.

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As if this was insufficient, in February 2007, he published an essay disputing consensus on climate change and was applauded by climate change scoffers. While climate change is undeniably real, he punched holes in the well-established theories and principles behind global warming and its devastating impacts on the environment. The major snag of mocking, ridiculing and diabolizing science is that it slowed or deprived the sensitivity needed to canvass support necessary to combat human activities and attitudes that fuel global warming.

In a similar example, during the tenure of South African Thabo Mbeki presidential tenure, he denied the existence of HIV and AIDS, asserting that it was a white man’s campaign to belittle Africans wherever they were. Because of his emphatic denials, it was estimated that more than 200,000 South Africans died during and after his presidency due to a lack of proper knowledge and sensitivity to take the necessary steps like HIV testing, taking ARVs when found positive, keeping a virus to themselves and educating members of the society about the challenges caused by the disease.

In this light, Professor Denis Rancourt should be understood as a nonconformist who parades conspiracy theories not supported by science. The major flaw of his studies is that they blame vaccination behind the surge in deaths, which can be singled out as an inability to differentiate between causes and effects.

While the spikes were behind the deaths of those infected, the dichotomy has been what causes the spikes between COVID-19 and its vaccination. Published studies haven’t found that vaccinated people are more likely to experience a higher all-cause mortality compared to unvaccinated people, rendering his research unsupported with hard evidence. A failure to acknowledge that COVID-19 was causing the spikes while attributing that only its vaccination was behind the deadly points was patently misleading.

He claimed that for every 800 COVID-19 shots, there was death as a result of vaccination, which was impossible to verify and defend. The strength of his research is the observation of population levels. That kind of variable is cautious due to fatalities, which are also driven by other factors such as old age, immunodeficiency syndrome, low access to quality or lack of public health measures.

As COVID-19 was hitting Western Europe, the majority of fatalities were noted from senior citizens with immunodeficiency syndrome who had inadequate access to quality medical services. In this case, a combination of old age, compromised immunity and lack of advanced medical services contributed to a spike in related deaths in this group. This can hardly be a catharsis or an expiation to Dr Denis Rancourt’s populations, which trumpet vaccination has created the fatal spikes that drove the death explosion of the vaccinated people.

Devoid of a control experiment that would accommodate the possibility that the spikes could have been caused by the global pandemic rather than the vaccination introduced an element of bias in his research, making it a matter of conjecture rather than science in progress.

Why COVID-19 Vaccination is Under Fire by The Conservative Movements

Vaccination denials are not a new thing, so it would be inappropriate to claim that an attack on vaccines is unique and ponderous. Well, it is not. Most vaccines have been apprehended by associating them with a variety of issues ranging from barrenness, insipidity, and various ailments, among others. Most anti-vaxxers are naturalists who trust the natural immunity system to suppress and destroy diseases. Hence, they are least likely to agree that vaccination can prevent diseases from infecting people and save lives.

While anti-vaxxers are swift to share their research, which is one-sided and therefore inherently biased, they tend to refuse to consider vaccines save lives more than they present them at risk. They become narrow, spurious, and the least influential in flipping public policy without approaching the subject from all frontiers. A failure to upend public policy away from vaccinating tends to fuel generating statistics that show vaccines are their own worst enemies, which is not the case.

In proportionate terms, vaccination saved more lives than it compromised them. A combination of threats to human life associated with ageing, compromised immunity, and inaccessibility to quality health services and care should not be lumped together to blame COVID-19 vaccination as the killer while it is not.

These days, we see people dropping dead from left to right, and the anti-vaxxer sect is eager to claim vaccination is behind their untimely deaths. That is the height of irresponsibility. One needs no reminder that even before vaccinations were introduced, people fainting to an end was by no means uncommon. One noteworthy example is South African songbird Miriam Makeba, who died on stage in Germany. Was she, too, a victim of vaccination? During her lifetime, COVID-19 was unheard of.

The author is a Development Administration specialist in Tanzania with over 30 years of practical experience, and has been penning down a number of articles in local printing and digital newspapers for some time now.

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4 months ago

Slander is the resort of the desperate. Debate the data analaysis, the science, not the person publishing it.

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